Sunday, November 27, 2011

Clickers, Rubrics, Kidsperation, and what I've Learned So Far

I recently learned about clickers, rubrics, and Kidsperation.  Clickers are instruments used to text in your information to a poll in the classroom.  I found it interesting to use them as a way to rate your lectures instead of waiting until the end of the semester to have the students rate your class.  I also like the fact it is a way to make the whole class get involved by allowing all the students to click in their answers.  The idea to use an incentive such as a dollar or small reward to encourage everyone to participate was a good suggestion as well.  Rubrics are an organized grading system usually set up in a grid type them.  All my college professors use these each semester in my classes and I think they are very useful.  It can be as broad or as specified as you like and it is very useful and effective to use when you have several people needing to grade something as well.  Kidsperation is a form of Inspiration that is used for the younger children around kindergarten to second grade.  It is a software used through an interactive white board that allows the teacher and the students to create semantic maps and different types of graphic organizers.  I found it to be fun and very useful for myself and future students.  All these tools are very helpful and resourceful for the classroom.

This class has taught me several valuable tools and information.  I love all the sources provided and wish I had a list of them all to revert to in the future.  I am going to school for All-Level Special Education; therefore, all these tools can be used regardless of what grade or area I teach.  I can't wait to use clickers, Kidsperation, and all the Web 2.0 tools we learned in this class.  I am excited about creating webquests, and allowing the students to create voicethreads in the classroom.  This class has been very informative and provided me with so much knowledge and ideas to use with my future students.  I now have realized you can use technology in just about any and every lesson plan in some form or fashion.  This class has given me a new found confidence and I am so excited to practice my new skills with my future students.

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