Monday, November 14, 2011

Visualizing with Technologies

I think that visualizing with technologies is an awesome thing.  I never even knew that graphing calculaters where considered visual tecnology.  I always thought of them as just calculators. Having visual technology is extrememly helpful because it allows us to be able to "visualize" from all aspects the situation and the solution to the problem.  Chapter Nine does a really good job of using examples of how such programs as Tinkerplots, Spartan, and Sketchcast benefit students by allowing the students to use their programs to create examples and solutions to their problems and assigments at hand.  GIS allows students to graph and map ideas for geography assignments.  Tinkerplots alllow students to visualize and work out problems for critical thinksing skills.  Spartan allows students to have a visual of what cetain strands and molecules look like.  Google Earth allows us to see different parts of the Earth through zooming and/or providing an address.  These tools allow us to get a thorough image and answer what we are trying to gather for a solution to a problem, plan, or activity.


  1. Isn't that funny? I didn't ever think of graphing calculators as visual technology either! I mean, it's a calculator. We've been using calculators since we were very young. When thinking about technology, I think about computers, TV, picture-taking phones/cameras, and such. However, now knowing that a graphing calculator is considered a visual technology tool, I realize that I did learn a lot from it! I was always seeing what graphs looked like if I changed the equation around. It was definitely an important tool for me, and I believe it is wonderful for all students, too.

  2. I plan on being a math teacher and so I also thought that the graphing calculators were interesting. I think it can really help lesson plans be less dull.

    ryan woodward

  3. I totally agree with you Stephanie in regards to graphing calculators. I never really realized that you could visualize with calculators but as I think of it, I see students make different connections and discovers with them on a daily bases. I love that in mathematics and technology can give you so many ways to visualize and actually discover and learn new information. I’m so excited to come up with new lessons that will allow my students to visualize with technology.
    Terra Brown

  4. I had no idea either about graphing calculators! I am in Algebra right now so I use one almost everyday, like Stephanie said I too visualized technology as smartphones and such not a calculator.

    Jenny Bradley