Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Copyrights, Fair Use, Cyberbullying, and Netiquette

     I found this assignment to be very informative.  I found myself calling my teacher friends and letting them know about some of the public websites shared with us for their personal information....Perfectly legal I assure you thanks to my new found information!  I discovered all the petty small-time inaccuracies that could lead to lawsuits if you as an educator, or any individual, are not careful.  I have never heard of Bebo until today.  I also never though about cyberbullying going on past chatrooms or texting, but I found out that it is pretty common on social webistes such as Facebook and Myspace.  I learned nifty websites to use with my future students that helps with netiquette, copyright laws, and cyber safety.  I learned the difference between fair use and copywright laws, and that just because something has a permissive copywright doesn't mean that you can use it freely as you wish.  I also learned that just because it gives permission for public use also doesn't mean that it's open game to use as you please.  I am very thankful for this useful information.
     I feel glad that I am now aware of all the laws and things going on inside the web nowadays.  However,  I am also nervous about all the tid-bit descrepancies on copyrights and fair use that I am afraid of voilating the laws if I don't walk a fine line of observancy.  The first thing I tought when I started reading about all the laws was, "Man, I know so many teachers that I had growing up that could have been sued.  I am sure that they had no idea that they were breaking the law, but instead merely thought that they were just doing their job at educating us through media."  As for the netiquette, I wish that this was discovered and implemented a long time ago for all people.  It is a very good lesson for individuals to have, especially students.  As for the cyberbullying, I think it's incrediably sad!  Kids have always bullied throughout the years but its never been so out of hand that so many kids are taking their lives!  As a kid I was bullied and it was never pleasant, I can't even fatham what lengths these bullies are going to in order to push kids over the edge.  Stomp out bullying indeed!  As for the internet safety, it's a wonderful lesson!  When my child is old enough to start using the computer, internet safety and netiquette are the first things I am going to implement for them.  I am really thankful for this assignment.


  1. I agree, this assignment was so helpful and eye opening for me too. I also had never heard of Bebo, either. I was also shocked by the grasp of cyber bulling, that it was reaching places like myspace and facebook, as well.

  2. I too agree. I loved learning about all the rules and regulations about copyrights. I may not have grasped the total understanding of it all, but I will definitely rely on the websites to help me in the future. I too was disheartened to find out the cyber-bullying is going beyond texts and chat-rooms, but into Facebook and other medias. I hope that all the information we have learned will help us be better educators to teach our students about manners in the world wide web.
    Ginger Herron