Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mapping Information Activity

Before the mapping information activity,  I would search websites by whatever "looked" good or legit.  This assignment took me a long time to accomplish because I am not computer-literate past the basics.  However, I was very thankful that I was asked to do it because I know it will be extremely helpful for me and others as well.  I used to always use google most of the time for my search engine because it was the most popular and helpful when it it came to researching something and I always picked what looked more simple in the URL first.  I also would go through sites and use what would seem the most informative on what I was looking for.  I also thought that all the mumbo-jumbo that was in the URL address was just computer language for transmitting the webiste.  I didn't know that it could mean anything particular to regular individuals surfing the everyday net.
After the mapping information activity,  I realized that there is a lot to be learned by the URL site.   I also now have some cool resources to use when I need to validate a website.  I decided to look up "Feline reactions to bearded men."   I am still not sure if the webiste is valid, but I do know that it is not a good source for research due to the fact it was created for strictly humor.  I was pretty convinced it was legit until I got down to searching the author, and found that the site had been "slightly moved" as verdict for the search engine  I also realized towards the end of my search that it was stated "used for humor purposes," and the title showed that it was created to make people laugh.  Besides, the actual name of the website says it all, ""  The assignment was long and detailed, but it was kind of fun too, and very necessary as well.
In conclusion,  this assignment and new learned skills will be very helpful in my classroom.  It will help me to locate legit and proper websites for my students and their assignments/research.  It will also benefit me as well when I am searching for useful information and doing homework for my classes.  I now know that the URL is not just computer lingo,  but instead a lot can deferred from the meaning.  I also know what to look for in search engines.  I found that to be the most interesting part of the project.  It kind of inspires me to go back and disect some of the regular webistes that I use, or have used in the past just to see how they play out on the validity factor.  I will take my newly gained knowledge and share it with my future students as well. 


  1. yes i totally agree that the best part is was knowing what to look for in search engines. I also did the beard one and thought it was pretty ridiculous and i feel that at some ages kids would have no clue at whether it is legit or not! so its important that we can show them