Friday, September 9, 2011

ETEC and Me

My name is Stephanie Sundown Bronson.  I always get the question "Where your parent's hippies?" My answer, "No, my dad was Cherokee." Hence the middle name Sundown.  I find the responses amusing.  I think my middle name is probably the only original thing about me.  I consider myself pretty plain.  My wardrobe most of the time is a shirt, jeans, and flip-flops.  I keep my hair in a pony tail and the face au-nature'l.  Although, there are times I do gussy up a bit.  I look like a totally different person when that happens.  I am an All-Level Special Education major, and will graduate spring of 2012.  I currently live in Sulphur Springs, and I have been there almost half my life.  I am originally from Grand Prairie, Texas.  However, I was born in Georgia but moved to Texas when I was very young.  I am 28 years old and have a husband and three year old daughter.  I do not work because my daughter was born with a Midline Defect and I stayed  home to care for her.  However, she had her last surgery this past summer and is now attending day care for the first time.  This is a very bittersweet moment for me.  I think that pretty much sums up the basics about me.
My vision of technology in the classroom is not much different than what we a currently using in younger classrooms today, just maybe a little more utilized than what I have observed.  I have witnessed the use of Interactive White Boards, and I have seen something called an ELMO (Not sure, but I think it is the version of a modern projector.)  Cellular phones are of major use nowadays, especially since they have became so SMART (pun intended.)  Therefore, I would like to use more poll casts for students because I think it would help increase their participation, and add fun to the lesson.  I would like to also incorporate the use of Assisted Technology and integrate it where both students with and without disabilities can successfully learn in an environment, while increasing their full potential, and feel more unified as a group instead of singled out do to a disability.  I would also like to incorporate electronic read-alouds more instead of regular books.  I would like to incorporate lessons using things such as Blabberize and Voki to do some of the speaking for me to keep the kids interested, and it gives me the ability to utilize my time by creating the freedom to do several things at once instead of just lecturing in front of a class.  These are just a few ideas that I can think of that would be helpful for my future digital learners.
My goals for ETEC 424 are simple...learn all that I need to learn to be officiant in my classroom and my school district.  I have seen Interactive Whiteboards in action, but not to their full potential.  I also have not seen the ELMO in use either.  I have no idea how to do some of the things mentioned in the syllabus such as building a website and PDF file, so I want to learn that as well.  I just now learned to create my own blog so I can cross that off my list.  I am excited about learneing all I can in Web 2.0 too.  I want to be able to successfully teach a lesson using technology as proficiently as possible since technology is the present and future for us all. I want to go from being a digital learner to a digital native.

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